Help needed from IT guys, conference room recording.
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Author:  toylocost [ August 10, 2018, 10:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Help needed from IT guys, conference room recording.

I am the "IT guy" in an office of 50 people. I came here because there are a lot of smart people here and you guys probably have some better ideas than I do.

We do sales rep training and other presentation type stuff every day. I need help finding a way for us to video/audio record this stuff with very little supervision from me. The output needs to be good enough to use in future training materials.

Must be HD footage.
Aimed from the center of the room, not a camera off to the side.
Easy to start/stop recording.
Easy to offload footage.
Permanent mounting is fine, there is a projector mounted from the drop ceiling just out of frame of this photo. We don't use the projector at all, I could remove it and utilize the mount for a camera if needed.
Room is too small for a podium, cant block the walkway, mostly it's just one or two people standing/sitting in front.
Need a microphone that will pick up the at least the voices in front, and the whole room preferably.
Hopefully we don't have to offload footage more than once per week but I realize that is totally dependent on how much we use it.

My thoughts so far... a laptop off to the side running a high quality webcam and a USB mic with some sort of easy to use interface. I'd rather not have the laptop there but will do it if I have to. I think the footage from a webcam will also be way to wide for how far away it will be from the people up there. I'm thinking there's probably no way to have something get a good angle and also not be in the way of people walking down the aisle whether it be on a tripod or hanging... Or maybe if we put a tripod in place of one of the chairs closest to the center of the room? I have a cheap webcam I could test it out with I guess.

Any ideas will help, thanks!

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