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PostPosted: January 26, 2019, 11:49 am 
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Here are some updates on the Texas problem.

This is a problem that will affect you soon if it's not stopped here. As I understand it some of this has already spread to Va. Many states are watching this closely and we've finally found out that it's the TADA (Texas Automotive Dealers Association) that's created and fostering the problem. We think with the backing of other states. Hot Rodders, you're next!

Join this FB group to stay up to date AND to donate and help us fight this. Lobbyists aren't cheap. I've been spending my money here.

I keep telling them they need to open the name up to get people in from other groups but they keep shouting me down saying that Factory Five and a couple of others are helping so they think everyone understands it affects them too. THEY DON'T maybe you guys can add your 2 cents worth there.

Here are a couple of recent posts:

#1"It has been a pretty active day for us at the Texas State Capitol, as we have a little more news regarding Save the Texas Dune Buggy, Sandrail & Kitcar. We have confirmation as to who it is that is trying to rid Texas roads from Dune Buggies, Sandrails & Kitcars. The lobbyist for TADA (Texas Automobile Dealers Association) spoke with Ron (our lobbyist) at the Capitol & told him TADA is opposing our bill. Even though the bill has not been filed & they have not had the opportunity to read a word of it.
"The Texas Automobile Dealers Association (TADA) is the statewide trade association representing over 1,300 franchised automobile dealerships in nearly 300 communities throughout the state of Texas.TADA advocates on behalf of the dealers at the Texas Legislature, Congress, and all regulatory agencies.”
For those of you who do not know General Counsel for TADA has been involved with this issue from the start, yet they have been VERY Closed lipped at EVERY MEETING!
When discussions on the safety of our cars was brought up, and we asked how a Dune Buggy, Sandrail or Kitcar was less Safe then a Motorcycle. Tada had nothing to say.
When we asked why the TxDMV felt that a Assembled Vehicle was less safe than that of a Motorcycle, Hot Rod, Rat Rod, etc., and the TxDMV responded with "Those vehicles are in a different catagory". TADA had nothing to say.
When we asked the TxDMV for data to PROVE that our Vehicles were unsafe. TADA had nothing to say.
When we showed the TxDMV that NHTSA had written a letter talking about how an Assembled Vehicle was not governed by the Federal Government, & that it was up to the individual State to regulate them. TADA had nothing to say.
When we showed Graphics of how other categories of vehicles modified their chassis in much the same way as a person did for an Original Dune Buggy, and the TxDMV only said that those vehicles were in a different category. TADA had nothing to say.
When Jeremiah Kuntz, the Director of the Vehicle Titles & Registration Division for the TxDMV directly asked TADA General Counsel what they had to say about the 3 Working Group Meetings that were set up by the TxDMV Board of Directors. TADA had nothing to say.
Of all the time and money that has been spent thus far during both Working Group Meetings as well as TxDMV Board Meetings that TADA has been DIRECTLY INVOLVED in. TADA has had nothing to say.
Fast forward to today when their lobbyist told ours, that TADA will be opposing our bill BEFORE they have even had a chance to read it. Stating that they are doing so because they heard they were unsafe automobiles. This is 100% disgusting, Friends!
Folks, we now have absolute confirmation who our enemy is! At the right time we will need EVERYONE to call their legislator and give them the facts. They need to hear from US the Builders & Owners what the facts are in regards to our vehicles, and NOT the distorted arguments that TADA will give.
The FIGHT is on, & that is all we have for now!"

#2 "A conversation that I read here on this page, got me to thinking. Kuntz, the Director of Title and Registration Division of the TxDMV, would meekly mention this as he would glance at General Counsel for TADA (Texas Automotive Dealers Association) during TxDMV Board Meetings as well as during the Working Group meetings. They didn’t want our problem to become another Tesla Issue.
For those of you who do not know, Tesla is not able to sell their cars in the state of Texas. In the interests of Texas Dealers, TADA does not want a manufacture such as Tesla to sell vehicles directly to the public. Therefore, giving the manufacture the ability to regulate many things, how the customer is handled, and price for an example. TADAs goal is to protect the Franchised Dealer & not the consumer. A manufacture with the ability to regulate the price of their own vehicle, is not good for the Franchised Dealer.
Just like you, I have seen Tesla “Dealerships”. So after having lunch with my Buddy Scott yesterday, I decided to stop into the Tesla “Dealership” to find out the truth for myself as it was on my way home. When I walked in I was greeted by a nice young lady, and after we exchanged pleasantries. I got to my point and said. “I have read that you cannot purchase a Tesla in the State of Texas. Yet here you are, selling Teslas in Texas”.
The young lady quickly responded that the location was not a “Dealership” it was a Service Center, with a Learning Center inside. She went on to say that she is not a commissioned salesperson, she was there to educate people who wanted to learn more about what Tesla had to offer. She then showed me what an AWESOME vehicle they are, how the price continues to come down as technology as well as infrastructure advances.
So at that point I said that I was interested in purchasing one for my wife. How do I go about doing so here in Texas, where Teslas can not be sold. ( No I have no real intentions to do so) So then she took me over to a computer screen that would show me all the options that were available, but not one price was to be seen. INTERESTING, to put it mildly.
She then told me that if I was interested in purchasing a Tesla, I couldn’t do so at their location. I would need to order online from the Corporate out of state location. They would either locate one that closely resembles what would fit my needs, or build one just the way I want. If I planned to pay cash, I would need to wire transfer the money to a Bank that is out of state, or I was able to choose to finance the vehicle through the bank of my choice. Either way all paperwork would be handled electronically via a Corporate location out of state. Then once the vehicle is paid for & all the paperwork is done electronically out of state. Tesla would deliver the vehicle to a scheduled location of my choice other than the “Service Center”
This is not Tesla circumventing Texas Law. This is beating Tada & the TxDMV at their very own game. They are not technically selling Teslas in Texas, but people are purchasing a Tesla out of state without ever leaving Texas. It does take a lot longer than the traditional method, & there is no instant gratification. But you end up owning a Tesla either way. What this should do is give us hope in that we can beat them as well. We have a Lobbyist with a very successful track record when it comes to going against the TxDMV & TADA, more than a few really enthusiastic legislators on our side, but more than anything we have this group right here. A group that continues to grow, & is standing at attention ready to do what it takes to beat the TxDMV & TADA in a Grassroots effort! WE ARE GOING TO CORRECT THIS ISSUE! GET READY FOLKS!!!"

Who'd a ever thunk something like this could come to Texas?!?!? Cali yes, but TEXAS??????? And it's not an elected official so we can't vote him out.

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PostPosted: January 28, 2019, 1:46 am 
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In Nevada I'm still PO'd about losing our sensible speed limit to Fed. black-mail too many years ago. :twisted:
Just made my reservation for next Saturday's "Lincoln Day Dinner".
Going to give "My" reps an earful and this sort of feculence fits right in with my already intended topics. :D

If I must be a one-man PC free zone, so be it!

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