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Author:  mr.peabody.d [ October 31, 2006, 12:30 am ]
Post subject:  LocostUSA PUBLIC FORUM Guide lines....

First off spamming these forums will not be tolerated. Your IP will be banned and your account deleted. If you are a merchant that sells something, or whom provides a service of use to the Locost community feel free to make one post in the "Suppliers" forum explaining what it is that you offer. Beyond that, vendor participation in our discussions elsewhere on the board is encouraged and I'm sure customers will appreciate their presence.

[legal disclaimer] This site is not to be used as a tool for users to collaborate to infringe the copyrights of any kit or car manufacturer. Users that make posts that openly seek or share confidential design details for the purpose of duplicating a copyrighted design will be banned. [/legal disclaimer]

Please feel free to post here...we as a community welcome people from a wide range of experiences, budgets, and skill levels. We would like to keep this a forum where everyone feels welcome and can post without fear or criticism or being unduly "slammed", so please try and play nice. This doesn't mean you will never have to deal with polite constructive criticism/build advice which when appropriate must be tolerated, so check your thin skin at the door. Be respectful to those who offer you guidance, (even if you disagree) and be respectful when requesting it.(demanding specs for this or that likely won't get you far) Finally, please keep this forum free of unrelated political discussions as well, there are better places to debate such things.

Every member is free to post and express their opinion, (which will vary) sometimes a discussion thread can be spirited but as a topic heats up remember we are a community. Remember that as you post or respond to a post that you are not only responding to a person your are doing so in a public forum. This is the internet, no matter what you say there will always be some people that disagree with you, so get over it. The moderators, administrators and owner of this site do not exercise editorial control over users posts. As such all users are responsible for the content of their posts. If you violate the user terms and guidelines you may be suspended or banned with no warning. (depending on the offense) If you handle yourself in a mature responsible manner you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

That's all, welcome to the forum!

Author:  Blackbird [ May 23, 2010, 4:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Guidelines update / clarification

mr.peabody.d wrote:
Please keep this forum free of unrelated political discussions as well, there are better places to debate such things.

It turned out in a recent thread that this simple line in the above guildelines needs further clarification, so here it is:

LocostUSA.com is a car-guys community.
It is not a place to debate your political views, make statements about immigration laws, gay rights or wave any other banner.
In short - if it isn't related to cars it doesn't belong here.

The requirement above extends to signatures, user profiles and includes the off-topic forum as well.
This isn't a challenge of one's freedom of speech - these are the house rules.
Please help making LocostUSA a better forum by keeping it clean.

Thank you!

Author:  a.moore [ October 15, 2012, 9:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: LocostUSA PUBLIC FORUM Guide lines....

Any videos of street racing, reckless driving, endangering innocent motorists, etc is not welcome here. Go to a track or find a local SCCA chapter or car club to autocross with.

If you cannot resist and you *must* video tape it, do not post it here. Go to Streetfire or somewhere else that appreciates it. First offense will be a warning and the post will be deleted, second offense will be a short vacation, and the third offense will be a permanent ban.


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