Solid rear axle options
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Author:  Dave1976 [ October 16, 2016, 9:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Solid rear axle options

I recently learned about the rare Toyota Previa axle, it wasn't worth learning about, but it was surprising.
When i was building ReX, after i measured then tossed the Mazda axle, and Googled the widths of some others, i went with the axlehousing from a 4wd S-10 and the shafts from a couple of Fox Mustangs, which later got replaced with shafts from a pair of Bronco 2s, all using the Auburn posi from a '94 Z28, and the 2.29:1 gears from a mid-'80s Monte Carlo.
A lot of Fords use different length shafts on each side of the assembly, and a lot of guys shorten, or narrow, the assembly by ordering a C-clip eliminator kit and getting a second short-side shaft, then cutting the long side to match.
This is especially common with the Ford 8.8", because of its strength, aftermarket support, and range of ratios.
The best 8.8 for a LoCost would be a pre-'05 Mustang Cobra, because the tubes are less than 3" to save unnecessary weight, along with the best brakes Ford ever fitted to any 8.8, and be aware that the '01-'04 assembly is wider overall than the '94-'99.
The second best 8.8 for a LoCost would be a Ranger 4x4 4.0L, again because the tubes are under 3".
All of these used 28-spline shafts, but all can be upgraded as far as 35 spline with a spool, or 33 spline with a limited slip or locker.
I probably noted it before, but the GM 7.5 offers ratios down to 2.14:1, while the 8.8s offerings beyond 2.73 are rare and expensive.
If you are using a bullet bike engine, i would suggest a Toyota 7.5

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