Rear cover continued.
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Author:  benny_toe [ May 25, 2020, 1:57 am ]
Post subject:  Rear cover continued.

The buttons requires 3/4” holes in the cover. Alignment was critical but kind of easy.
To mark for the pilot hole I put a dab of paint on the stud. Pressed the cover down until it’s marked by the stud. Drill a small pilot then a 3/4” hole saw opens it up.
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Fit, adjust, fit, adjust. Tighten it all up and go for a drive to see if it all stays on. Mine did! YMMV

Ps. Did get the hang of the wrinkle paint. Heat is the key. Used it on my cam and timing gear covers.
Hot water bath for the rattle can, warm setting on oven, about 200 degrees for the parts. Heat gun for curing. Turned out as good as I had hoped.
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