FS : MIATA DRIVE TRAIN DONOR (and other parts)
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Author:  skidzzz [ April 9, 2021, 4:18 pm ]
Post subject:  FS : MIATA DRIVE TRAIN DONOR (and other parts)

If you are thinking of using a Miata as a donor, I have a lot of parts from one car that will get you pretty far
down the road. All parts I have are from a 1993 Miata MX5 NA, it had the 1.6L engine, but I have sold that.
I would prefer to sell this first group together as it makes so much sense to provide a package that is all you
need for the drive train (except the engine). I have the transmission, drive shaft, PPF, differential, flanged
stub axles, axles with good cv joints, and the complete rear subframe.

See list and proposed values below:

$200 - 5 speed Manual Transmission with shifter and speedo sender
$30- Drive shaft with good u-joints
$170 - Aluminum differential carrier with support bushings, and open differential
$80 - Flanged stub axles and drive axles with good CV joints
$100 - Rear subframe assembly with diff mounts, including lower crossbrace, brake lines, with adjustment bushings for control arms
$580. (or all for $450)

As this group is bulky and heavy, shipping these could get complicated and add to the cost. If you're not too far from Greenville, SC, maybe we could work out some plan for pick up or delivery.

Other parts:
$ 10 - Speedometer cable
$ 40 - Instrument panel gauge cluster
$ 15- Clutch slave cylinder and Clutch master cylinder
$ 15 - Clutch pedal assembly with mounting frame, switch
$ 20 - Throttle & brake pedal assembly with mounting frame, master cylinder, brake booster, switch, and balance valve
$ 30 - Fuel pump and level sender B61P
$ 60 - Main wiring harness, intact with all connectors, wires identified, including Main fuse block
$ 50 - ECU (engine control unit, computer), B61PB
$ 30 - Radiator cooling fans (left and right)
$ 20 - AFM (air/fuel meter)
$ 10 - Shifter Boot
(Or all “Other Parts” for $140)

I started with a complete and running car that only had light front bumper and hood damage. It was almost a shame to dismantle it. Let me know what you think. Motivated seller.

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